『Ancient Weapon Holly』
Long ago, when humans were still developing advanced civilizations, a war engulfed the world.

Among the multitude of weapons created, an autonomous weapon resembling a young girl was completed. Her arms could crack the earth like a whip, demolish any building in her path, and her red eyes mercilessly killed people one after another.

This girl was named 'Holly' by the people, and due to her overwhelming power, she was sealed deep within the earth.

After tens of thousands of years, the only emotion Holly felt upon awakening from her slumber in the dark magic ruins was an insurmountable hatred for humans.

“ Humanity, perish.”

Even though her weapon functions have degraded and she can now only slightly damage the ground or walls, Holly's vendetta against the world above has just begun.
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Title:Ancient Weapon Holly
Genre:Dungeon Crawler
Number of player:Single Player
Platforms:PC (Steam®), Nintendo Switch™,
PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4
Release Date:March 8th, 2024
Languages:English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, German,
Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish
Developer:ACQUIRE Corp.
Publisher:Nintendo Switch™, PS®5, PS®4: ACQUIRE Corp.
PC (Steam®): Aniplex Inc.
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ACQUIRE Corp. Aniplex Inc.
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