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Since its founding in 1994, ACQUIRE has been committed to developing “edgy” original content that emphasizes “uniqueness” and “unconventionality”.

ACQUIRE will continue to pursue fun and establish a strong brand by creating new software and services and will continue to challenge itself to contribute to the development of the entertainment industry.

Game Development

We have a comprehensive game development environment that covers everything from initial planning to final completion, and we are committed to creating high-level content that is both original and thought-provoking.

Our specialties include “Construction and Management Simulation (CMS)” [sandbox] style content and highly responsive action games with multiple scenarios, both of which have earned us a long list of successful projects. To improve efficiency and enhance the quality of our work.

Graphic Design

At Acquire we have a long-standing track record and expertise in both personnel and background, particularly for titles “Tenchu” and “Way of the Samurai”. that feature Japanese themes. This has become our strength.

The unique and captivating world created by our Japanese-style graphics has received high praise overseas as well. Additionally, we are able to create a variety of worlds, not limited to Japanese themes, including Western fantasy and modern-day settings, using our diverse range of expressive abilities, adaptability, and creative ideas.

Motion Capture

At ACQUIRE, we own a proprietary motion capture technology that is essential for creating 3D action games. This technology is housed in our exclusive studio, “Studio ACQUIRE”.

Our in-house studio allows for meticulous coordination and a free environment, enabling us to produce high-quality motion capture. We not only use this technology for our own projects but also offer rental plans to other game companies that require motion capture, as well as provide data-only delivery plans in various formats.

Smartphone App Development

We are developing games for the “smartphone” platform, which has emerged as a new business field with the technology and market beginning to mature. Leveraging the expertise gained through consumer game development, we are creating high-quality original content unique to ACQUIRE.

Development of business systems.

We have a proven track record in developing real-time systems with high reliability, including the development of typical business systems such as “BUGWEB,” a bug management software for development, stock data display systems for television stations, and hospital information display systems. In addition, we develop and provide versatile services regardless of the platform, including systems that are integrated with networks and databases, and FLASH and web applications.